Hello MT-Community,
My name is Rene, and have been listening to the podcasts for about a year now. Although I am not a manager, but a mere knowledge worker, I have profited a lot from the casts as well as the forums. I am now looking for a way to give back to the community. This post is a first step with hopefully many more to follow.

I have been an exchange student to Taiwan where I wrote my diploma thesis on leadership behaviour of Chinese managers. After that year I decided to start my career in Taiwan. I really like the place and I also think/hope being so drastically exposed to a Chinese working environment will help in my future career.
I now work as account manager for Europe in a company producing fiber-optic networking components. I guess I help make the world a little flatter.

A nice day to you all.


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Welcome to the forums, Rene! The nice surprise of contributing to the community through the forums is how much one learns by so doing.