Hello all,

I'm Ben, I am an junior military officer currently serving in the US Army. I graduated from West Point in 2009 with a BS in Electrical Engineering, commissioned as an Armor Officer, served as a Scout Platoon Leader in Afghanistan for 12 months, and now I'm a Battalion Maintenance Officer in garrison.

I stumbled on this place when I was looking for a general management/leadership discussion forum where I can share and learn about everyone’s dilemmas/experiences/lessons. I look forward in reading the posts here and learning from everyone.



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Good to have you, Ben.


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Congratulations for finding MT!   I envy you -- I only wish that I had learned this stuff much earlier in my career.   The lessons are equally relevant, both in the military and in the corporate world.   Good leadership and management skills are critical regardless of the environment.

Listen, learn and put the ideas into practice.  It will make you a better leader and officer, and more importantly -- you'll be a hero to your troops.

Stay safe,