Just over two years ago I was promoted from managing a small sales team in my companies head office to running one of our branches overseas (admittedly the smallest branch). I guess I got this promotion based on "potential" as it was a big step for me at the time and I didn't have entirely relevant experience. It took about three months of fumbling in the new role to realise how little I knew and to begin searching for help - which is (thankfully) when I found Manager Tools.

After implementing the basics and listening to the casts on an ongoing basis I have improved my effectiveness immensely, developed my team to a high level and delivered excellent results for my business unit. So much so that I have now been promoted to a more senior position, in yet another country, manging a much larger and more complex business unit. The good thing is that this time around I feel like I have earnt the promotion.

Of course, there is always more to learn and I have a long way to go yet, so Manager Tools podcasts are more important to me than ever before, as are the forums.

This is a BIG thankyou to Mike and Mark for doing these podcasts. The combination of your personal experience, the entertaining "delivery", and of course the clear action points on "how" to actually do something have had a profound impact on my effectiveness as a manager. Thankyou.

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Welcome to the forums! Always good to hear from folks who are successfully implementing the tools.


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Welcome to you steve.
Contragulation for your progression.

I like your definition of Manager Tools in the last paragraph of your post.


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Steve - congratulations. Hope you'll find value from the forums, too!