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Hello all,

I stumbled across MT by accident about two years ago when I was trying to rewrite my resume and I came across the "Your Resume Stinks!" cast.  I've been a fan ever since.

I started work in public service at 19 and have been at it for just over seven years now (I'll leave the math to you).  I began as a records clerk in a federal agency and moved steadily forward until I found myself having spent six years with the agency.  At that time I was a manager of several programs and a team lead (with no supervisory authority) over a group of five workers responsible for maintaining core functions during non-work hours. 

I left last September to pursue a more specialized career focused in strategic information analysis at a state agency.  I'm still trying to figure out if I like my new field but I'm greatly missing the work I did as my boss's #2.

I'm a graduate (2007) of the University of New Mexico's Anderson School of Management; I hold a BBA with a focus in management information systems and a minor in communications.

Also, my wife and I run a non-profit avian rescue that is rapidly expanding.  One of the challenges we've faced here is managing and retaining volunteers.  It's an interesting (for lack of a better word) experience to try to direct people who you have no actual control over.  Feedback has to be handled very tactfully.

I'm convinced I landed my current job (for better or worse) because of the things I learned from MT.  Here's hoping I can have the same success with MT in future endeavors!

Best regards,


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Good to hear from you.  

Avian rescue sounds like a challenging and rewarding second career.  

There are a number of folks on the forums interested in managing volunteers and non-profits;  your lessons learned would certainly be of interest.  

John Hack

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Hi Andy,

Another Duke City'er here.  I haven't dug too deeply into your posts thus far but wanted to welcome you and just say that MT is the hardest job resource you'll ever love.   And its the most wonderful and effective set of tools that you'll ever dread.  :-)

Why?  Because like many highly successful things, its kind of brutal but satisfying.  Like ripping off a band aid.  Or running a marathon.  Or giving birth.