I've listend to several pod casts in the past.  Just decided to be a member. Looking for information to support others in biulding Mentor - Mentee relationships.


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Hi HWRA01;

Welcome to the forums.

If you have specific questions, post them under one of the topics you can find on the main forum page at For the mentoring topic, under might be a good place to start though there' snot a huge amount directly about mentoring here. The method for development espoused at Manager Tools is the coaching model and you can find the podcasts on that at

-- Peter

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Great to have you here.  

John Hack

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great to see this forum.

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I am from London. I am new here. I am glad to join this forum. 

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It's a sincere pleasure to have you here.  If I can be of any assistance feel free to ping me.