Hi all, and thanks for all the content you make available for everybody

I have a question regarding the feedback model that I announced 10 days ago (after having done 1:1 for 2.5 months).

As per guideline on rolling out the trinity, I'm trying to give out positive feedback to my top performers. The problem is that the behaviours I encourage with feedback all seem very minor (example being sharp on time on meetings).

The major thing (for example delivering a lot of code in a software company) is harder to deliver the "here is what happens". I tried something like: "when you deliver 10 good/relevant pull requests in the week, here is what happens it allows us to ship the product faster, thanks for that, keep it up". The problem is the definition of good/relevant, because it's easy to ship crappy code or just useless code that pollute the code base instead of making it better.

Encouraging the amount of code is not right, then encouraging code quality (and keeping the deadlines in check) is fine, but should I deliver the feedback model like twice a week on the same thing (for my top coder)?

Thanks for the advice, and again thank you for the wonderful content (my team and me highly benefit from it)



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I don't have a Tech background so I may be misinterpreting things. I'll still take a shot, though.

Is it possible to define "good/relevant" in terms of 2 variables and give positive feedback along the lines of "When you deliver X amount of code at Y quality levels, we're able to ship faster, meet the needs of the business and build credibility for our team?"

Perhaps you could follow it up with appreciation. "In addition, I want you to know that I appreciate your professionalism by not taking shortcuts by shipping crappy or useless code."

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Dear Louis - it sounds like you are doing well at starting on good feedback.  In coding I think the key behaviour that you want to encourage is having that combination of speed/quantity without sacrificing good quality.  So it should be one set of feedback focusing on the combination.  You are not praising two separate things, you are praising the balance of the two things. Something like:

- Can I share some feedback ?

- When you deliver 10 requests in a week that all have good quality coding here's what happens

- It allows up to make faster shipments and more satisfied customers.  Our business partners appreciate the fast response.  And the code quality means I have good confidence we won't face rework or new problems. 

- That combination of speed and quality is terrific. Keep it up

And later as part of coaching you could consider having them mentor some more junior performers that are struggling with getting that balance right.