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BLUF ::  Who should allow their arm to be moved back 2-3 inches?

I'm interviewing a few people for an open position and came across a guy who gave a great handshake.   I found myself wondering if you had 2 people knowing the MT handshake, they're both trying to put out enough force to move the other's hand back.  Would they end up meeting in the middle and no one is 'moved'?

I know this sounds pretty silly, I guess it is.

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Wouldn't each immediately recognize the other as an MT manager and then proceed to have a galactic-ly effective meeting/engagement ??

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I was meeting a new team I have recently taken control of in another part of the UK and was virtually wrestled to the floor by one chap's handshake!  Now I am all for strong handshakes, but this guy takes it to extremes.   :)