Hi everyone

A member of a customer service team makes a mistake that results in a customer complaint to the complaints department (a specialist team).

Should the person who handled the original task be responsible for fixing the issue?

Or should it be resolved at the complaints department and then fedback to the manager of the consultant for feedback/coaching.

Keen to hear perspectives on this.

There is the 'learn from your mistake' philosophy by passing it back to original consultant but also a missed chance for the specialist in the complaints department to actually smooth things over for the customer themselves.


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The question that needs to be answered here is: "What's the fastest way to resolve this issue to the customer's satisfaction?" That may or may not mean the employee responsible handles it.

The needs of the customer come first, not the needs of the employee. This is not a management issue. This is a customer issue.

Your primary goal here is to have the customer emerge from this mistake with a stronger sense of loyalty to your organization. You can do that with effective service recovery in many cases. Act on the customer's needs first, then worry about your employee.