Dear MT'ers,

Let's give back to Mark and Mike by helping members old and new during these tough times. If you want to connect with others to help or ask for help, post your message here using the MT Bench Development format.

In the Bench Development cast, Mark suggests reaching out to people that you might be able to help in any way.

In the Subject line state your BLUF.

Example - Looking for an Advisor/Contact/Company - Location.

Then write your information such as:
I'd like to offer to be a contact/be an advisor for people/companies needing assistance in (fill in your location/field/specialty here). Who knows we might be able to help each other!

If you are interested in developing a relationship with me, please send me a message via Manager Tools private message board. I will be glad to provide you with more information at the time.

Let’s see the success this group can create in honor of Mike and Mark.

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You know, I've been wanting to post something like this and didn't want to skew the intent of the forum. Thanks!



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Thanks, JHB.  (Full disclosure, he was kind enough to ask Mike and I first.)

While we don't want the forums to turn into a job placement site, we like the idea of members helping members.

If you need help from me specifically, all I would ask is that you NOT private message ME, because that deprives others of my answer.  It's only in rare cases will I answer there, but I will answer you here.  I know some want privacy, but we tried that in the beginning and I simply couldn't handle the hundreds of mails wanting detailed guidance, etc.

I hope we can make a difference here.

Well done!