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Hey Manager Tools Community,


A friend of mine has recently been offered the opportunity to interview for a company she wants to work for and the initial screen is a 'virtual interview.'  Doe anyone know of an MT or CT podcast that addresses this, or does anyone have specific guidance?

Essentially she is going to be given a series of questions and asked to record her answers to them on a Web cam and then email her responses in to the company.

Setting aside my own opinions about the effectiveness of this as a hiring tool (and the way I wrote that probably tells you what I think) does anyone know of any CT guidance on this or have any of your own, specifically related to these virtual interviews.  I had nothing for her other that standard effective interviewing techniques.

Thanks in advance!


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She probably should treat the "virtual interview" as a videoconference without any real time response from the other side.  And there's a 'cast for videoconferencing:

The interviewing series is also quite useful, although I can't recall at the moment whether there's anything that addresses exactly this situation in it.

Dennis Sherman

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Hey Dennis -

Thanks for the link to the cast.  I have forwarded it along :-)


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Also try Interviewing On Skype