Hello all,

In my short career (working since I was 16, but when you're 23 that doesn't get you a lot of working experience,) I have worked as a TA, bouncer, Executive Assistant, Store Manager and Evictions Specialist, but here in Denver I have found that management is really exciting to me and what I want to do.

I currently manage a very small shipping/warehouse op out in Englewood. Depending on the time of year I will be in charge of anywhere from 2-8 people. Since it is my firm belief that one of the responsibilities of any employee is self-improvement, I have been looking at and reading and trying every manager-related thing I could find - and am glad that I have found something that works so well, so easily, so quickly.

Hope to have lots of productive conversations in the future, here.

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The forums a great way to hone one's thinking about Management, and to build new professional relationships. 

Glad you're here. 

John Hack