Hi all,

Mark & Mike, I'd like to thank-you for sharing your experience with us in such a well-presented and accessible format. In the couple of months that I've been listening I feel like I've learnt a lot *and* been entertained on my daily commute.

A little about myself: I live in a village between York, Leeds and Harrogate with my wife and two children (aged 8 and 5). I've recently started work as a software development manager for a VC funded high-tech start up in Sheffield . Previously I've worked in project management and product management roles, but never with direct reports. In my new role, I am responsible for recruiting and managing a development team.

Following the recommendations of your podcast, I will be implementing one-on-ones starting with my first report (who joins the company tomorrow). I've also presented the idea of o3s with the MD (my boss), who will also be implementing them. This is new to me, as I've never worked in a job which has used o3s, although intuitively I can see the value of them.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has established o3s in a similar situation experience, or if anyone has any recommendations to avoid pitfalls in this kind of environment.

I'll report back at some point to let you know how we are progressing with our o3s.


Andrew Coombes

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Welcome Andrew! We're glad you're here. We never intended to entertain, but if it keeps you listening, we'll do our miltary/engineer/management geek best to keep it up.

Always great to hear from our international members.