My name is Nathan and I'm from Yorba Linda, California. I work at a BMW dealership as Inventory Control Clerk for the Parts Department. I am responsible for all orders and returns for the Parts Dept. as wells general maintenance of the physical parts inventory. I am 23 and have no management experience yet. Its great to have this podcast to freely train and coach me any time and place for the career I aspire to enjoy. Many thanks and much appreciation to Mike and Mark, and greetings to everyone else on the board.

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Welcome aboard, Nathan. Manager-Tools is a great resource for those starting out in their careers, and it's heartening to hear from someone who sees the value early.


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Welcome to the forums, Nathan! I hope you'll find as much value here as I have.

I wish I had found this at 23!

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Welcome Nathan. I'm dying to make some sort of comment about what a perfect target market MT must be for BMW, but then I couldn't think of anything so I won't. But I guess I just did. :)

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Welcome aboard, Nathan. Glad you're with us early in your career.

Nothing like working with a quality brand!


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Hello Nathan and welcome to the MT forums. I think its awesome that you're listening and you don't (yet) have management experience. You're starting off at a great spot, that's for sure!

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Hey Nathan -

Welcome to the forum. There's a ton of good information here. You've come upon an excellent resource.

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Welcome Nathan,

If you aspire to be in Management then you are off to a great start. If you aspire to be more effective in you job and your career, there are certainly a lot of great tools here to help you stand out amongst your peers.


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Welcom Nathan,

MT is top of the line and well worth every minute of listening.

I concur with Mark, excellent machines. I love my 528i.