First time poster here.

I'm currently working for a mid-sized publishing company located in Northwest Florida. My title is "Production Coordinator" which involves a plethora of tasks. Mainly, I'm responsible for trafficking all the advertisements for our two main publications.

A few months ago, I was drowning in work and my employer hired an assistant for me. As a result, I fell into a role that required management of a direct. Up to that point, my management tasks had been overseeing the production department only when my supervisor was out. That was a responsibility that I probably didn't give enough weight to until recently.

With a direct that I was now responsible for, I sought out advice and my dad pointed me in the direction of Manager Tools. What an awesome resource! I've listened to hours of podcasts now and am benefiting greatly from the advice...not just the management-specific advice, but the topics that fall under "Career Tools," too.

With these podcasts now informing my decisions and my thought-processes, I'm beginning to think more about my long-term career. It becomes apparent to me that I need to head in a management career-path, a path that I was not consciously aware I was on until recently.

So, thanks for the podcasts and all the resources here. They are great and I look forward to listening to many more.


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We look forward to your joining the conversations here.

John Hack