My Name is Chris Mansur and I have been listening to your podcasts for the past year now and this is my first post. I work for a large Biotechnology Company headquartered in the SF Bay Area as a Sr. Supervisor for a small group of Engineers that provide a niche set of support services to the site's Automation Engineering Department. I found your podcast and site last year when I felt the need to find a more effective way to prepare and deliver PP&R to my staff. Your series in this area was a tremendous help and I now recommend it to peers in my organization who need help with this most important and commonly ill-planned and executed annual event. I relistened to it again this year.

Perhaps the best thing about your podcast is that it really satisfies my continuous desire to grow and learn about all things management so that I can be the best manager possible for my staff. This need was previously fullfilled by evening course work towards an MBA at Boston College, but that ended 6 years and 4 kids ago. Thanks for helping me become a better manager one 45 minute commute at a time.


P.S. - The Departmental Leadership Team that I am a part of is currently working on setting 2007 Goals and is struggling a bit with the process. Any chance this will be an upcoming podcast? Is there a way to preview the cue of subjects?

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Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're with us, and you're already getting value from our work.

Sorry, but that cast isn't in the near term. And, we don't preview casts... I did it once on a selective basis and immediately got feedback about order and need... and we can't please everybody. There's hundreds - technically THOUSANDS of casts in our future, and we just can't get to everything. Plus, we have to be sensitive to corporate clients with whom we're working, not delivering topics that relate to what we're doing with them, as a courtesy.


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Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply and I totally understand about not wanting to post a listing of upcoming subjects for podcasts. A wise peer manager at my company likes to use the subject line expression for situations like that and I have definitely experienced it myself too.

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Belated welcome to the forums Chris! I'm in the bay area as well and I'm sure there are other M-T'ers out here as well.

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Welcome! I'm so glad to see there are other MT'ers at our company.