Hi, my name is Erica and I've just been promoted to the "operational manager" position at a TPA firm that provides retirement record keeping services for companies and advisors. This may sound odd but I love organizing and standardizing how a business is run. I did this for a sister company that provides Section 125 plan services so now my boss wants me to take on organizing the MAIN company. Holy Cow is all that comes to mind.

The company has grown beyond "mom & pop" but still operates with that mentality. I'm not sure where to begin with getting operations standardized because there is so much more going on. Any advice would help quite a bit.

I discovered Manager Tools through ITUNES, and have been listening to old podcasts on the way to and from work. I've already picked up several tips that I've implemented and the response has been great.

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Welcome aboard Erica.

Will you have people reporting to you? If so, listen to the One-on-One (O3) cast. Implement that right away. That will give you the forum to set their goals. Then implement Feedback. That helps you guide their course.

If you're setting clear goals and guiding course, you are standardizing.

I hope I understood your question correctly. If not, keep posting!

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Welcome to place where many of us "love organizing and standardizing how a business is run."


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Congratulations Erica. Standardizing one on ones, feedback and coaching and you'll be well on your way! Remember Mark & Mike's comments - good management is boring and repeatable, not sexy and full of excitement. Congrats, again!

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Congratulations and welcome Erica.

We're glad you're already getting value, and we hope you can learn and contribute.