I’ve been posting for a while and am really overdue for introducing myself.

My name is John Hack, and I live in a small town in New Jersey, close to NYC.

I starting programming for fun in 1971, and have spent my career building and implementing networked business information systems. Short version: Route 128, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Internet Consulting; most recently working for a software startup acquired by a global software giant two months ago.

I discovered the joys and challenges of managing when I was made supervisor at my undergraduate school’s cafeteria. Majoring in Econ was absolutely no help. Years later, after managing the information systems for a new trading floor, I got my masters degree in management of technology. I’ve managed organizations as large as 60, and as small as myself.

Manager Tools is a great community, and a rare find. Smart, sincere people dedicated to making the world a better place to work.


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Thanks for the background and for the participation! - Steve

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Hello John. Thanks for the bio. I've enjoyed reading your posts so it's nice to put a little background to the name.

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I recognize that tie. It is nice to hear more about someone who posts fairly frequently. Thanks!

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Thanks John, and welcome aboard. Sorry this took me so long.