Hi, Greetings from Malaysia.

I stumbled upon this forum through links from other forums and took an immediate liking for it.

Am I a manager? Yes! I manage my family and three growing up kids. I manage people and associates in business, social clubs that I joined and forums that I participate and most of all I manage myself every minute of my life (including this little intro.).

I am a non-conformist and therefore becoming a business owner is the natural choice. My background is in Engineering and to round things up, I subsequently earn a second degree in business just so that I can see things from a wider angle.

I am ready to learn more from this forum!

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Well met! Greetings from Texas. We're glad you're here, and Manager Tools was meant for folks like you as well.

We look forward to serving you.

Have you listened to our podcasts?


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Oh Yes Mark,

Immediately after listening to the first podcast, I told myself that THIS IS IT. And registered straight away.

Regards. :) :D :D