I'm an American living and working in Madrid, Spain. I've been here for five years and would like to return to the U.S. permanently in 2011. Before moving to Spain, I was a business journalist with a newspaper that all of you know but I'm currently a blogger and language instructor here in Madrid. When I return to the U.S., I would like to work in a public relations or media relations role for a corporation or university.

I recently purchased the Career Tools interviewing series and now I'm diving into this forum to learn more. I look forward to getting new ideas and good advice here and also contributing in any way I can.

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Hello Eleena,

Welcome to the forums.  I currently work in higher education (academic department manager). I lived in Madrid (222 Paseo de la Castellana) during my undergraduate studies and I've recently been wondering if I might like to try to find work in Spain. To that end, I am studying Spanish and trying to network with people who have experience working in Spain or with the Spanish system of higher education. 

Can I ask why you plan to leave? I am not asking for details, but I'd be curious to know if your reasons are personal or if you decision was influenced by something in the Spanish economy. I know Spain is one of the European countries experiencing financial difficulties. 

¡Que lo pases bien!



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Welcome to Manager Tools and Career Tools.  We're glad you're with us, and it's a privilege (and usually great fun!!) to serve you.


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Welcome to the forums.  The discussions here are a great way to hone one's skills. 

Good luck with your transition back to the States. 

John Hack