Hello! I'm the City Manager of a small resort city in Idaho. I've worked for local governments for 18 years, mostly in land use planning and community development. I have found Manager Tools to be a great resource, especially now that I am primarily managing managers. I've been listening to the podcasts for three years. I've really learned a lot and improved as a manager as a result. Thanks to Mark & Mike for all of their work!

I'd like to connect with other public sector managers. The podcasts are targeted toward the private sector, but the principles of good management are the same.


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Welcome to the forums.  I'm a pure private sector guy, but there are a number of folks here from the public and non-profit worlds as well. 

Given how much snow we've been getting here in the northeast this season, it almost feels like we're a mountain resort! 

John Hack

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Hello Lindley!

I've worked in the public sector for the past 7 years, for a Pennsylvania county. And I've been a MT follower since the beginning. I use most of what I've learned (or at least intend to as I improve my skills). I've found that people are still people, even though motivations can frequently be very different. The main limitation I've experienced is in not having certain financial resources and tools that are available to private sector managers.

I'd love to connect and share ideas too!