I manage the replenishment and forecasting function for a Wal*Mart supplier. I have 9 direct reports that work closely with the account in managing the flow of inventory. I hire entry level candidates coming out of college. I have a mandate to develop resources and be the feeder for more senior positions within the organization. I have had some successes but also a few failures. The failures brought me to MT.

I found MT about 3 months ago. I introduced O3's in the last month. So far, so good. If you asked me prior to introducing O3's I would have told you I know my team quite well. I know so much more about them now, weaknesses, strength's, motivations, etc. It really is a great forum for coaching, keeping me focused on resource development and meeting goals.

Regards from Kentucky.

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Welcome to the MT forums!


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I just started my first management role and plan to start O3s soon. As I have, until now, been a member of the team, I would have said the same thing: Of course I know them. I can't wait to see what I can learn.

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Welcome to the Manager Tools forums!

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Welcome to the forums. It's like the podcast, just packed with more opinions...