I'm finally doing it!

My name is Gil. I'm a software developer originally, been through a few years of software team management, and currently I'm in a non-managerial position.

I've been in my company, Bio-Rad Laboratories for almost 10 years now, after doing 3 years in the army. Throughout this tenure I "learned" management hands-on. From a developer to a team lead, then a project manager, and finally going to a more company wide position of process improvement, I thought putting out fires was my job.

I wish you guys started this 8 years ago! I compare things I've learned during this last year from the podcasts to what I though was "management" then. Although I have no team per se, I use and analyze with the tools you gave me.

One of my experiences that I'd like to discuss is the management of a rapidly growing team. I started from 0 DRs to 10 DRs in about 2 years. I've done some stuff right and some wrong, and I'd like to get people's responses about this.

I plan to be active on the forums. As a very small token of gratitude, I posted on my blog my impressions and recommendation for Manager-Tools. I hope to help spread the word.

See you in the forums!

Gil Zilberfeld

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Welcome Gil, I am not long registered but I am sure you will enjoy the community.

Chris D.

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Welcome aboard ... and thanks for such a great write-up on your blog! Very much appreciated.

You'll find a lot of GREAT folks here ... so jump in and let us know what you're thinking.

Welcome again!

best regards,
co-founder, Manager Tools