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I first came across Manager Tools in June of this year while searching iTunes for new podcasts. Having been a manager for several years, I felt a sense of professional obligation to at least give it a shot.  After the first couple of casts, I was hooked.   

I'm fortunate to currently be serving as the Deputy Village Manager for the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois.   Located 20 miles west of downtown Chicago, it's great community (50,000 population) with a strong professional staff.   I've been employed by the Village for over 9 years, but have held my current position for less than 9 months. While there is much to appreciate about where I work and what I do, there are many challenges the organization is confronting as well, not the least of which is an unprecedented decline in revenue over the past year, along with a need to more systematically and rigorously develop the talent and skills of the people within the organization, myself included.   

Since discovering Manager Tools, I've listened to about 50 of the casts and have found the content to be extremely relevant to the world of local government management. The clear and action-oriented manner in which the content is delivered has given me such a strong understanding of how and why these techniques work that I quickly began rolling them out.  I started with one-on-ones and effective meetings, both with resounding success, which has only motivated me to better understand and apply what I can from the many other areas of managerial effectiveness that are covered.  

Mark and Mike, thank you for the work you do to build better managers. I'm so glad you ventured down this path and have found as much success as you have.  Hopefully, there's much more to come.  I'm signed up for the Chicago conference and looking forward to meeting both of you in person.  







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Thanks for the kind remarks.  We appreciate them very much.

It's a pleasure having you here in the forums and I look forward to meeting you soon in Chicago.

All the best!

Best Regards,

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Welcome to the forums.  Hope you join the conversations here, as there is much to be gained and contributed.  


John Hack