Hello to everyone from sunburned Bucharest, Romania. I'm a 31 year old communication professional, working at middle management level for the past 5 years. I'm pursuing an MBA to jump start my transition to a position of higher responsibility, and to help me branch out from PR and marketing communications into marketing per se.

I stumbled upon Manager Tools a couple of months back, and have literally devoured the podcast archive. I find Mark and Mike's methodical approach to management challenges very helpful, and in many ways more useful than my MBA, because they deal with practical matters and offer sensible advice, something most professors I've met - and the majority of local (Romanian) experienced managers - steer clear of.

So thank you, Mark and Mike, and I hope you have the time and energy to keep this up for many years to come.


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Welcome to Manager Tools Corina!

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Bucharest is a great place, Been there last year on Business, didn't get much time for sight seeing.
Good to know you.

Keep in touch.
Bangalore, India.