I work as a manager in telecoms equipment installation and support. I've been at the same company for about 12 years now but I've moved around different departments building up varied experience.

This year, I have broken out of being the perennial "deputy" and finally got my own department. It has been of great frustration to me that many (correction: "most") senior managers pay scant regard to the basics of good management practice and generally pay more attention to politics than performance.

I have a great desire to break the mould and have already commenced 1-on-1s with my direct reports (much to their surprise).

I find the Manager Tools podcasts to be of immense assistance and a few are already "keepers" on my iPod, getting regular replays. I am also in the first weeks of implementing GTD - third attempt but now with the assistance of my excellent new admin.

I am 37 years old and live in Warwickshire with my lovely wife and three children aged 10, 7, and 4. I am a frustrated home-recording musician, landscape photographer and watercolour artist - rarely finding the time and space to enjoy any of these as much as I would like. I am also a life-long supporter of Oldham Athletic football club.

For people interested in Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, I am naturally INTP but with my last two years immersed in a demanding operational role I have seemingly "trained" myself into becoming an INTJ.

Keep up the great work on Manager Tools - you help make a daunting responsibility that much more manageable.

Rob (aka ArtByStereo)

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Welcome! And thanks for the kind words.

Take care of that family, and go easy on the execs. They're just fitting in, and some of what appears to be politics is actually just competing relationships.

It's a privilege to be a "keeper."


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Welcome to the forums Rob! Congrats on getting your own department this year and for starting one-on-ones.

I rather enjoyed the "frustrated home-recording musician" description. I would consider myself the same. I enjoy playing and recording but of course I really enjoy a great many other things in life so music doesn't always get a lot of my time.