My name is Dave Baldwin and I live in suburban Baltimore, MD.

I stumbled across Manager Tools podcast first and then came to the website. What a great resource for us all. I've already started doing One-on-Ones. I thoroughly enjoyed Michael's [France] description in the forum of how to use Outlook along the lines of GTD.

I am a Pastor of Ministries in suburban Baltimore, MD. I have a doctorate in education from Indiana University and did my dissertation looking at transformational leadership qualities of selected Religious Education Pastors. Therefore, I am a huge transformational leadership fan. I've read everything I could from Burns, Avolio and Bass.

I've been at this thing called church work for 32 years now. I lead the ministries of our church. I have paid and volunteer staff that are part of my team. I love it and enjoy watching people grow in their faith.

Many Blessings,


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Glad you're here and that we're helping your mission!

I am sorry that Peter Angelos lost Jon Miller for you guys. Jon uttered my second favorite baseball play by play call of all time: "Well, the Orioles lost a close one today. But come back tomorrow folks. After all, it's spring, and it's baseball, and you never know."

It's a privilege to serve you.


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Hey Mark,

Thanks so much for the kind reply. We have only lived in Baltimore for 2 1/2 years. Before this we lived in Indianapolis, IN for 22 years. I'm really more a Detroit fan and haven't figured out the Oriols yet.

Frankly, I really like English Premiership Football. So I'm a Necastle United fan.

Many Blessings,


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I have family in Indianapolis. If you've eaten at G.T. South's, you've eaten my uncle's cooking. That section of the family is not allowed to enter the annual family reunion without BBQ sauce in tow!

Welcome to the forums. Having a combined staff can be a challenge, especially when your volunteers are working around their existing schedules. It can also be very rewarding (my parents both volunteer heavily at their church, so I'm familiar with how that can go).

It's wonderful to see MT being applied in so many varied areas!

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Hi Julia,

Yes I have eaten at G.T. South's. What a great place. What a coincidence! I was in Indy over the Memorial Day weekend. What a great time. I love the Big Small feel of Indy.

Thanks too for the warm welcome.

Many Blessings,