Hi all,

Was having a 121 with my manager today and at the end of the session he advised that I was being recognised for my recent input in my role.  Knowing I am a big MT follower the reward is attendance at the two day London MT (EMC and ECC) in January.  

Absolutely delighted and cant wait, both for the learning and to meet some of the MT team.

See you in London :)



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It's good to see your efforts being recognized.  It seems especially thoughtful that your boss chose to reward you with attendance at the EMC/ECC.

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Congratulations, Scott! We're thrilled to hear our conferences being used as a reward and even happier to know you'll be joining us. We look forward to hosting you!


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 Thanks both can't wait!

Dani - who will be hosting the London event please?






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Scott -- Currently Mark is scheduled to deliver the London conferences in January.


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 Thanks Dani :)