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Hi all,

I'm being asked by my manager (VP of Development) for ideas to combat the "Great Resignation".  For additional context, we have a software development organization in New Zealand with two Directors, and I'm the (one) North American Director.  There have been many resignations in New Zealand, and only two in my organization.  Now, my organization is roughly a third of the total organization size, but the attrition rate on my team is about 5% where the NZ attrition rate is closer to 9%.  (And one of my resignations had to do with a disagreement with company policy--this person left without having another job lined up, so does that count as part of the "Great Resignation"?)

My manager thinks that pay is a main driver, which I can believe--it seems that we are paying below industry average across the board (both NA and NZ).  But for those of you who have dug into this already, what are your findings?  What have you done in your organizations/teams, to help make people want to stay?

Thank you for any insights you can share!


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Would calling it the "Great Reshuffle" sound better than the "Great Resignation"?

Either way, is anyone actively trying to combat this at your company to make it easier for your directs to decide to stay?  What's working for you?  What isn't?