I'm a fairly new manager with five years experience doing "management" as my main job. I should have posted before, but thought I had nothing to add, but after some staff feedback I feel it is time to give my thanks and recognition to Mark and Mike.


When my old boss told me it was time to step up and leave my PM role I thought he was kidding, but it turned out he was actually really replacing himself and two months later I was running my own IT/BI department within a global company with customers all over the world in all different kind of processes.


I've been in leadership roles my whole career, but never actually been leading the strategy and setting the priorities at this level and I was terrified. I worked around the clock for a year to understand all aspects of our business, clients and our organization. I almost lost my marriage and my sanity. Somewhere in that mess I found the MT podcast and you guys became the mentor/coaches I never had and right there and then it started turning around. 


Today I run my department supported by my wonderful management team doing the trinity and my employees are loving it. My colleagues refer to me as senior manager. During the last week I've have received feedback that I am the best manager they have had in their fifteen year career as HR manager and that they never experienced someone taking their employees so seriously. I have a really good work life balance by forcing myself to strictly follow  the managerial economics strongly advised by Mark. I manage the "politics" by tenaciously working with and identifying stakeholders and considering all communications.


I have just realized that I am done, I did it, I passed the test, I am ready to move on. 

I want to give you guys the credit you deserve and a very sincere warm thank you.


// x