How would you author a broad distribution email about your departure from a job?

I'm leaving the company and aparently shocked many with my resignation. I have excellent relationships and a very broad network across the organization. I would like to send a goodbye email that shows I'm moving on to something interesting and have appreciated my time here. I'm not sure if I should highlight any accomplishments or if I should stick to thank you, here's my contact info. Advice?

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My main suggestion would be to keep it brief and upbeat.


Thank everyone for all their help over your time there and express how pleasant it was to work with them.

Briefly explain you have really enjoyed working there and that you are now looking forward to doing X with company Y

Thank them again and express a desire to work with them again in the future and invite them to keep in touch via Linked In (you can provide private contact details but LI should be sufficient).

Shorter and more upbeat, the better.

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I saw the original message in my RSS feed, and my first thought was "did I post to MT and forget I did it?" Then I finished the email, and was glad to discover some differences. I am in almost exactly the same position, leaving a company I've been with for over a decade for a new and unexpected opportunity.

Here's a redacted version of the email I sent, 3 days before my final day:

I want to let people know I have resigned from [COMPANY]. My last day will be [DATE].

I have learned and grown an enormous amount in the [TIME SPAN] I have been here. I won't get a chance to touch base individually with everyone who had a part in that. If I don't talk to you personally, please accept my thanks and best wishes for your future success. As excited as I am to take the unexpected opportunity that came my way, I know I will miss [CURRENT INDUSTRY AND COMPANY].

If we aren't already connected on LinkedIn, please find me there. My personal email address is [EMAIL], I would be happy to stay in touch.


End redacted quote.

I'm sure it isn't a perfect email, but after drafting and editing off and on for two days, it's as good as I'm going to make it. And it seems to have gone over pretty well with my colleagues. I hope it saves a bit of time, seeing what someone else has used.


Dennis Sherman

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What the others said, but do not include the "doing X at company Y." That could be seen as a fishing expedition to get others. Also, I would leave out the "connect via LinkedIn" for the same reasons.  Just stick with the outline Dennis mentioned, and omit the personal email, LinkedIn, or new company comments. You said you had a broad network already, so whoever has not already joined you on linked in or who doesn't already have a personal email or phone number is probably not someone you should be fishing for right now. What you do not want is for your farewell email to sound like a veiled recruiting solicitation.