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I recently discovered Manager Tools and I find that is already helping me much more than anything that I have ever tried before. Thanks! At the same time, I have dusted off the exercise bike in the basement to be more healthy. Quite frankly, it is a bit boring cycling in the basement and staring at a wall for thirty minutes so I now have a TV downstairs.

Are there any good TV shows that people would recommend that could help me as a Manager?
They could be shows that are on now or things that were available in the past. At this point, we are at the brainstorming stage.

(Yes, I have purchased the Effective Manager Video Course.)

I did see one post about Mad Men for the DISC model and another recommending a particular scene from a Star Trek episode. (My apologies if all of this has already been covered in a different thread.)

An online video course could also work too. I am a big fan of the Teaching Company and their Great Courses series.

I know that good management is slow-and-steady rather than high drama, but I do need to pass the time.

Thanks in advance

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Catching up on Manager Tools podcasts, I'm at mid-August of last year.  Stopped awhile after binge-listening for months on end to hear them all, and I let it slide too long.

My preference is no-audio and a bicycle, or audio and walking/running.  I've spun/treadmilled with audio and a poster before too.  Somehow I don't like video which motion doesn't match how my body is moving.

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I love watching The Profit. Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, goes in to struggling businesses and makes offers to buy in. Part of the deal is that he's 100% in charge for a length of time. He writes a check, and starts right in being very annoying to some people, and sets up management processes to put the company on a path to success.

I know it's a "reality show," and reality shows are based on a lot of things that aren't real, but I find Lemonis' approach interesting. He's turned around several companies that have achieved great success. His approach is based on the "Three P's." People, Product, and Process.

Then again, I like watching Gordon Ramsay run around cursing at people on Kitchen Nightmares too.