I am looking for a new job and grow increasingly frustrated with the way the recruitment industry works. (not that I have the first clue how to fix it!).
I would like to find a good recruiter. A "good" recruiter -

a) had a real* job before moving into recruitment i.e. they hired people, managed team performance, grappled with moving goal posts and shrinking budgets etc.

b) actually understands information technology, not just the branding ... I lost my temper with one young lady last week who could not understand or accept that HTML is a technology that Facebook is a brand i.e. she did not understand the meaning of the words on the CV or what her client was looking for

I am sure they must exist, just haven’t found a good one just yet … any ideas anyone?

* Couldn’t find the right word here … recruiters have to spend time cold-calling potential clients, reading samey CVs over and over, fending off applicants who have not actually read the job description, chasing client for payment etc. The hours are long, anti-social and the basic pay umm, not great … so a bunch of stuff I’m glad I don’t have to do