Reading one of the [url=]threads[/url] relating to how different regions address each other, I’m reminded of a series of books that I’d recommend for those who do a work with different cultures:

The Global Etiquette Series by Dean Foster:
The Global Etiquette Guide to Asia
The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe
The Global Etiquette Guide to Latin America

The books cover different regions/countries on various topics including greetings and introductions, such as honorifics. Yet, it’s much, much more than that. It discusses culture orientations with suggestions on how to be more effective within the culture. It talks about communication styles, customs, etiquette, history, etc.

I was fortunate to attend a training session by the author sponsored by our company. Both the training and the Latin America book have helped me build better, stronger relationships with several of my peers in our Latin America offices.


P.S. The books are written from a United States point of view.