I don't remember how I found your podcast, but I do remember saying "Thank you" out loud. I found just what I needed to feed my career development.

Last week I applied for a Sr. Associate Project Coordinator position with my current company. The job description fits my skills and knowledge perfectly. I have devoured about 20 podcasts in the last two weeks and feel energized and ready to interview (all I need now is to get an interview).

What can I do to improve my chances of getting an interview. I have prepared, I certified as an Associate Project Coordinator (CAPM) and I have asked for references. I listened to your resume podcast three times, and have updated my resume accordingly.

I just heard about 400 people applied for a similar position two months ago! This comment sapped all the energy I had gained from listening to your podcast.

Headphones are on!

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I'd recommend speaking with the hiring manager.  Since it's an internal position you should be able to easily determine to whom the position will report.  No email or IM.  Call them on the phone. Your lead is, you saw they had an opening and would like to understand the position a little better to determine if it's something you'll want to pursue.  If you get voice mail, don't hesitate to leave a succinct, upbeat, and energetic message. 

If you have a good relationship with your current boss, or if you have a mentor in your organization, ask them to speak to the hiring manager on your behalf.  A verbal referral from a trusted third-party with first-hand experience in your work is the most effective way to get the attention of the hiring manager.

Get the Interview Series podcasts.  Yes, they're worth it.  Since you've already applied you can skip the cover letter cast for now.  Listen to the rest and perfect your response to the significant accomplishment and tell me about yourself questions.  Next, listen to the questions cast and develop the questions you want to ask.  If you have time, work up your close.  Practice delivering your responses with energy and a smile.  Practice some more.

  Good luck! (and practice),

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BLUF: Do what MMann said, and Yes the Interview Series is worth it.


I try to avoid "Yes, do what they said" post on this forum. This time I wanted to stress the value in the Interview Series. For every bit of great, actionable advice in the Resume cast, there is just as much in the other 14 casts in the Interview Series.

I can say, without doubt or hesitation, that the last three jobs I have had, including my current one, I wouldn't have been offered without the skills I learned from the Interview Series. There is a lot of hard work involved in what they recommend. It's not an "easy way to get a job" but it is absolutely effective.

Good luck and let us know how it goes, (and yes, practice!)

Canyon R


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I am very thankful about the extra spring on my step that I had when I went on the interviews - there were seven people that interviewed me.

I am now listening to several management podcasts (I will not have any subordinates at this time) but I'm already preparing to show I can manage. Thank you for your great work with these podcasts.


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Well done!  Credit goes to the player on the field. 

John Hack