Kinko's wants to charge me a $1 fee just to open each of the pdf's from the Premium members section. I am orchestrating a slick folder system for each podcast and its associated slides for my reference throughout the rest of my career. Is it possible to put all of the slides into one pdf and all of the shownotes into one pdf?

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You'd need you own PDF creator, but don't see why not. Just open them up individiually, add them to a new master PDF file.

(PDF creators work by "printing" a document to a new PDF file.) There's a free one you can google - PDFCreator:

I haven't used this particular one, I used PDF Redirect.

It's a snap. I don't know if M&M would have any copyright concerns though.

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Respect that the materials are for personal use only and we don't have any issue with consolidation of the materials for convenience of printing.