Mike and Mark,

Can I give you a little feedback?

When you guys do your weekly and monthly podcasts, it really provides a tremendous benefit to the business community around the world. People learn a lot from them that they can apply right away. It is something that is well worth the investment in time needed to listen to all of your casts.

In addition to that, the quality of your show in top notch. Your cast was the first podcast I ever listened to. I have most all all of your casts now and have started spreading my wings to other casts, but what I have found is that compared to MT, they are either dry and boring or they do not provide 1/10th the benefit that MT does. The back and forth between the two of you is very powerful for a cast format. Your energy and excitement during the casts I am finding out is atypical and makes your casts easy to listen to. And your technique of always providing actionable items makes we wish I was listening at my desk with pen and paper ready rather than on the treadmill as I run.

Thanks to both of you for a great podcast, a fun and informative discussion group and a lively blog. The work you do is much appreciated.

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Thank you .... you made my day! It's comments like this we live for.

If you think year 1 was good, you'll love what we got coming up! ;-)

best regards,