Hi all,

My name is Stuart Cook, a 23 year old Business Development Manager (sales) who still is studying accounting and finance degree part time.

Manager tools, I can tell, will be very important in my career. MT is so interesting and helpful for me as I grew up in a rural town and was unaware of all of the inner workings of the corporate world.

Over the last 2 months I believe I have listened to over 60 MT podcasts and thoroughly enjoy listening to Mike and Mark.

I know that in future, when I become a manager I will have the foundation for a great career and am already seeing the benefits of expanding my network, keeping in touch (ctrl, shift, K rule) and being a more efficient direct to my manager.

If there is anyone in Sydney, Australia who reads this, I would really enjoy shouting you a beverage and hear how they have been able to apply MT to your work career to date.

Mike and Mark, thank you for all your podcasts and work to date – may it never stop

A loyal listener,


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Welcome to the forums! Hope to hear your voice in the discussions here.

My career would have benefited greatly from knowing this stuff early on, and it's great to see the next generation of leaders recognize the value.

John Hack

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HI Stuart,

I am based in Sydney, if you want to send me your contact details to [email protected] we could meet up.

Kind regards
Jason Masters