I am an IT professional with advance diploma in computing working since 2 years , I just completed my ordinary degree by distance online education . I am also working on British computer society Professional graduate diploma which will allow me to enroll in  full time masters.


My question is that do prospective employers care about a distance (online ) bachelor VS a full time Masters not to forget with a certain CCIE .

Please guide me otherwise I might consider to enroll myself in a top-up hons program instead.

My work corridor is India .





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The question is confusing... they're probably going to care about a Bachelors vs a Masters regardless of how you got it.  One is a higher degree.  Some exceptions exist.  For example, my understanding is that a masters in C.S. is far less valuable than a masters in other subjects for some reason, so it's usually just a stepping stone to the doctorate.  But it's not first hand knowledge, I've not aimed for one personally.

My perception is that people don't care about distance learning so much once you're already in the professional world.  Busy schedules and all, working being required to live, it's pretty common in my experience to see someone go with online courses to move up a degree.  They're more likely to care about who issues that degree.  Just pick a respectable source.