Hi, I've stumbled upon this forum from the Career Tools podcast with a few questions concerning kind of a special (or maybe not so special) case.

I'm currently looking for a staff or long term contract job in a particular industry that I want to pursue.  I currently do alot of freelance in this industry, but nothing that is fulltime.
My fulltime job, however, is in an industry that is pretty separate from the one I want to pursue, give or take a couple skillsets that are shared, but doesn't produce the kind of credentials or portfolio I need for the other one (hence the freelance).  
I want to let the industry I want to pursue know that I'm actively working in the profession, despite my 9-5 being different.  How can I write a resume and a cover letter to show that?
And on a resume, do I list all the clients I've worked with on my freelance side, or what general things can I do to make it seem like I'm very well experienced in said industry?  
Should I just push my freelancing into a separate section as my fulltime job?  I'm not sure what the protocols are in how seriously contract work, even if it is with significant companies, is.  
I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you very much!