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I'm pleased to say, due to some hard work by Kreg, we now have the Forums RSS feed working properly (includes both new topics AND replies to those topics).

Although the old URL will work as well, the new URL for the feed is

My apologies that this wasn't available sooner ... as a pretty heavy user of RSS feeds myself, I know lack of the feed was a HUGE pain!

Best Regards,

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Thank you for the effort required to implement this.

Because of the comprehensive RSS Feed now available I already feel reconnected to the forums.  The benefit to me is the way the ongoing discussion of questions reminds me how many managers are challenged, just like I am, to find the best solutions to everyday management questions. 

It's amazing the wealth of knowledge, experience and thoughtfullness displayed in these threads and I'm so glad to have them streaming back to my Google Reader.

Thank you.

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Thank you Mike!

This is a much more effective way to follow the topics and also very efficient for monitoring the ones that interest me directly.


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Thank you!!

I've missed this feature and greatly appreciate the hard work that the Manager-Tools team has done to restore it.



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Netvibes, Here I come! Thank you very much.

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Thank you! RSS is a big help to managing what I read.



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This officially rocks :)  When I logged in today and saw 150+ messages in the MT folder of Google Reader, I was a very happy monkey indeed -- I couldn't keep up with the forums with the change, and I missed them.

Great work guys - thanks.



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Thanks Mike. Hopefully we will see more traffic / participation in the forums.