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Hello fellow MT managers,

I am about to receive a promotion which will make my current manager, who hired me 4 months ago, my peer.

I have a good relationship with my boss, so don't feel there will be any reason for any conflict.

That said, are there any casts I can listen to or advice that I should keep in mind, anything I should or should not do to put her at ease, and to make sure our relationship changes for employer-employee, to peer, without any drama?

Look forward to reading your responses, thank you in advance!

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... you may begin giving him feedback. :-D

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I would not recommend peer feedback as a starter. Instead, treat your former boss with the same dignity and respect shown as before.

Keep the communicaton channels open. My recommendation is move cautiously and continue working on building and maintaining the relationship(s) made that led to the promotion.

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You could try a peer O3:  

I agree with tlhausmann about showing the same dignity and respect.  I would hold off on the feedback for a  couple months.