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I am the Office Manager/COO of a medium sized company, managing an office of about 15 people. I'm young(er), 24, and my staff varies in age from 20's - 60's. I've never had a problem with the age difference, but I don't have much "formal" management training. Most of it has been trial-by-fire. I've looked into some courses and programs online, but I was wondering if anyone had any input on good/legitimate management training options?


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The Manager Tools Effective Manager's Conference and Effective Communications Conference is, for me, the best value for money training I've ever attended.  Wherever you are in the world, I'd say it's very likely that there'll be one within striking distance sometime in the next six months or so, as they're presented all over the world.  Two days, somewhere around $2k, a wealth of information and practical experience.  Do eeeeet.

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The M-T podcasts are free, and you'll find almost everything you need to know there.

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There's fantastic book recommendations on the MT website here as well.  I've read so many good ones because of the reviews posted.

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Lancheney, I absolutely second Matt's recommendation. You will get so much practical, actionable, real-life help in one day at the EMC - though I've listened to MT podcasts for years and had implemented one-on-ones and feedback with my team, when I took the EMC last winter I discovered how much more confident and comfortable I could be with these crucial everyday actions. The EMC can help you get better FASTER. 

Just for comparison: I took a 3-day "new manager" class through the American Management Association last year, and while it was interesting, most of it was not ACTIONABLE - I just didn't know what to do with the pile of information I came away with. (And it cost 2x more than the EMC.)

Good luck!