Hi guys,

So I'm kinda-sorta employed now! It's in the industry I want to work in. It's only a month, and it's really low-level, admin-monkey kinda stuff, but it's 100x better than where I am now, and it's a fantastic opportunity to contribute a ton, show how valuable a worker I am, build up a good recommendation and to network my butt off.

I couldn't say how exactly Career Tools has helped... it's been a lot of little things, from how to structure my CV, to approaching recruiters, to leaving effective voicemails... but moreover there's a certain... mental attitude I've developed from my time spent listening to the casts, hanging out here, and meeting Mark!

I'm revising all the 90-day new job stuff (I'll only be there 30 days, unless I *really* impress them and get offered another contract or more permanent work) and a bunch of other quite basic material. I'm hoping to (a) really impress these people with what I can do, and (b) network a great deal. Not going to have a single lunch alone, as the title of that book goes.

Anyway, yeah. Super excited to get to work. 


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That's great to hear and sounds like you have a great plan to make this opportunity really count!

Congrats and good luck!

- Jane

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Thanks. :)

Started yesterday. Met HR, learned all their names and a bit about them all. Same with the ladies in reception. Even met someone from down in IT who was fixing their machine.

Just getting to know everyone, know about them, be friendly. This is really, really, really weird for me. I'm just not normally that guy, y'know? The guy who walks up, is friendly and patient and just wants to have a bit of a chat quickly. It's very not me, but I'm just barrelling on anyway. Scary ride, but I think it'll be worth it! 




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Congrats on the job. I trust it's coming to an end in a couple of weeks. I hope it's going well.

I'm in a similar position. MBA in a down economy, with little job history (i'm 28). I sat out the worst of the downturn to study. Now I sort of regret that...

Things being as they are, I have been able to pick up a TON of experience with two companies in my town. Because of the experiences here, I have tripled my Excel knowledge and my overall attitude is better, making me more marketable. Contract work is tough, but it can make a difference.

My advice to you is this: No matter the task, expectations are lowered for you because of expected tenure. Take advantage of that and take any task and project you can. Don't be afraid to fail. Attitude is all about practice! Practice having a good attitude, and you will have a good attitude.

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Public opinion is a weak tyrant to that of private thought." HD Thoreau Walden