I had a job interview with a well known company. The first interview, which was telephonic, took place more than three weeks ago. The next day I got a call from the recruitment specialist asking me to have a face to face interview. As she mentioned that they would like to take it to the next level.

I had the second interview, when they informed me that they would need a week to decide since they were interviewing other candidates.

I waited for a week and I was expecting their call but nobody contacted me. I called to follow it up and I received an email from the recruitment specialist saying that I had been shortlisted but they hadn't reached to the final decision yet.

The next day, I received a call from the recruitment specialist asking me if I would mind going to the last interview and they would let me know their decision the next day so I wouldn't wait longer. I said sure..

I went to the last interview as scheduled and it was with another manager this time, not the one I met first who was the director of the department where they needed to fill the position.

The interview went well. I thought I wouldn’t have to wait longer since they would inform me about the decision the day after the interview. I waited the whole day for their call or email but same thing was happening again. It was a Thursday and I knew if I wouldn't follow it up, I had to wait the weekend without knowing their decision.  I called on Thursday, 15 minutes before they finished work for that day.

The RS (Recruitment Specialist) was nice and asked me about the interview that I had on the previous day. I told her it was interesting and asked if they had reached to their final decision. She told me that she had taken the day off and the two managers, who interviewed me, would decide today and let her know on Sunday. Once she was back to work. She told me that she would let me know on Sunday.

I had another long weekend waiting till Sunday to receive that phone call but guess what!! There was neither a phone call nor an email to inform me about what was going on. I waited till Monday and I called the RS at work, she didn’t answer. I also called her on her cell phone, she didn’t answer. Today is Wednesday, it has been a week since I had my last interview. I have called the RS on her direct number at work and her cell phone but I cannot get any answer.

I don’t have the contact details for the managers I met there, because she is the contact person. I think I will be having another long weekend without knowing anything.

I would really appreciate some advice regarding this situation.  

Thank you.


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Sarnor unfortunately employers and recruiters have no concern for how anxious candidates might be. There is a very wide range of professionalism in recruiters just as there is in managers. I suggest that you put them out of your mind and get working on other opportunities. If they call in the future great and if not then you won't have wasted any time moving forward. We share your frustration. In the future, when you are the influential person, demonstrate professionalism and take into account how important clear and timely communication is to clients and candidates. 


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Thanks Peter for your advice. I just think it is strange that I'm not able to reach the RS. 

She told me she would know the decision on Sunday. It's been three days without being able to reach the RS.

I'm not sure how to follow up in this case. 

Thank you again for your advice.




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I seems you're feeling a little anxious for this decision to be made.  After an interview I've always felt the same... like a little kid with his nose pressed up against the window looking at that shiny toy.  You're on "little kid time."

What I've found is, the people making the decision have a lot on their plates and want to take due time to make this important decision.  Be patient and professional.  Contact the recruiter and express your continued interest in the position.  If necessary, ask about the status of the decision.  End the call with a thank you and a statement that you look forward to speaking with them on the date they indicated.  Follow up the day after that date if necessary using the same script.

  Good luck!


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That is true Michael, I agree with you. I also think the reason for my anxiety is because of being very interested in that "shiny toy" 

Since no one contacted me on the date they mentioned, I have been trying to follow up.

I have called today to ask about the person concerned. I have been informed that they have been on training the whole week and they will be back again on Sunday. 

Hopefully, they will get in touch on Sunday. 

Thank you for your advice!





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 Did you send a thank you letter after the interview? I always send one about a week afterwards, to help jog their memory. I prefer to do it with snail mail, not E-mail.

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Hi Sarnor,

have you followed up, kept in touch and given the recruiter any indication that you are persistent, yet polite and courteous. i always appreciate candidates who stay in touch without being pushy. Often, it can be the element that make the difference.


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The advice everyone has given you is right. One of the pieces of the guidance we give in the interviewing series, is 'don't try to change the speed of the process'.

When hiring, especially when there are recruiters and hiring managers involved in a large company, there is a lot going on behind the scenes and many more people involved than you can imagine, all of whom have to be teed up and in agreement.

Your role is to be polite and gently persistent. If you start getting frustrated and convey that to the people involved, you start to jeopardise your chances of getting the job.

One other piece of guidance for you: don't have all your eggs in one basket. In the past, I've found myself focused on one position and that swells it's importance in my mind. Having multiple opportunities on the go has helped me be less frustrated by the slowness of the process for one particular role.

This thread has some other thoughts on what might be going on which might help you: