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I got a call from my skip boss on Thursday asking me to apply for a posting that they wrote a few days ago (the role was written specifically for me). With impeding layoffs, this role is to insulate me. And keep me from being on the bubble... I'm so happy since I love what I do, I love my company and the people I work with and for (even more so now).

I had my "interview" today. And they asked me to keep everything on the down low. (Phone conversations only) . Which I respect since what they are doing is risky.

I had a great interview, followed Mark and Wendii's advice and treated the "discussion" as a real interview from the interviewing series (which is sooooo worth the $$ Btw). But at the moment trying to,figure out how to send a thank you note.

I'm in Asia, and by the time a written thank you note would get there it would be way to late - they are getting offers out this week.

Any ideas on how to respect their wishes (no email) and keep true to the interview etiquette I have been taught?