Has anyone get any advice or thoughts on what the key activities and objectives for a manager taking over a new team should be (particularly if they are new to the organisation)? What would people suggest that they should attempt to do and achieve in (say) the first week or two, by the end of the first month or by the end of their first three months in post?

Any advice would be gratefully received


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What does your manager expect of you? That would set my key goals.

Don't be afraid to ask if you don't know. It's better to ask now than later.

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The first month is simply getting your feet wet...getting to know your team, your manager, your objectives. Stand back and get to know what is going on around you.

The second month, take all that data and start moving. Small steps at first, focused on your core objectives, then move forward.

This is simplified, and in some situations impossible (my new team was a new department and required a lot of my getting my hands dirty at the front end while sort of standing by with the leadership team until I knew them better).

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Hiya TD.... love the name :)

I just posted about a podcast on the first 100 days in the career section. That being said, listening to comments from Julia and Will is definitely a good place to start.