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BLUF: Would a presentation about the Trinity to the entire company be an appropriate 1st step in the roll out?

Background: It is a small company (less than 60 people) with little experience with MT and the Trinity. The head of the company is an MT fan and behind the roll out. He has asked a few of us who are familiar with MT to give a presentation on the Trinity as the 1st step in the roll out. Is this a good idea? Or will it create stress and confusion?

Thanks in adavance. As this is my 1st post I'm excited to see the response I get.

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first off, welcome to the forum!

I think a company-wide meeting on the trinity is kind of a shotgun approach that won't get the desired results. A company-wide presentation is good for general ideas that generate excitement and convey concepts, but any detail will be lost.

By the time you're done, you'd be lucky if a third of the people there could even recite the three parts of the Trinity.

If you go for the general ideas, like that you're going to be working on changing the company's management style, you might be better off.

All this said, most people will see it as a fad of the week and pay no attention anyway.

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[quote="pmason1111"]...asked a few of us who are familiar with MT to give a presentation on the Trinity as the 1st step in the roll out. Is this a good idea?[/quote]

Hmmm. To me, it seems like overkill. I recommend starting small (affirming feedback and O3s) and working up from there.

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Welcome to the forums!

The best way is for the company "head" to roll it out to his directs. Then guide them to do it for their directs. In a year or so, it will filter to all 60.

Lead by example.

A presentation to explain what's happening might be OK, but as M&M point out, if you say you're going to do it, and you don't, you've shot your credibility for the long haul.


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I agree, and I think the extended timeline for Trinity Roll-out makes a presentation even more troublesome.

You know the plan: Conduct O3s for a good deal of time. Roll out positive feedback to your top performers, then roll out positive feedback to everyone. Then start the adjusting feedback. Keep rolling out things over time ....

By the time you get through JUST the O3 rollout, I could bet that no one would remember much of the presentation.

I just wanted to add more fuel to the "lead by example" fire. :P


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A company-wide presentation regarding overall company strategy and initiatives, including improved performance, is common. Think "Annual Kickoff."

In that context, a one-slide mention of improving management performance through more effective meetings would fulfill the request from your big boss, while not making this sound like "another HR project."


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I am interested in hearing more about this topic as well.  I have been doing O3s, positive feedback and just started the giving some constructive feedback and getting great results - to where directs that should have been doing these O3s with their directs have been enquiring about taking them over!  That was a huge huge milestone!  But on the line of this original post, how can you convey your excitement and the "plan" without sounding like your hopped up on MT (it's hard not to be excited about this). 

How can you convey the message/plan without burdening with too many details - how can we get everyone as excited ?  Leading by example is great, but is there anything else? 

It's hard not to be excited to share MT ideas when we can see how they work so well.......

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 PDCB - I'm also new to the podcasts and I'm brimming with excitement too.. All the best for your challenges ahead!

It's hard to keep a wonderful resource like manager tools quiet (I've been gladly failing at that!).

** Just  ~82 more podcasts and thousands of management hours before I'm all caught up (with what I've downloaded thus far)! - woohoo!! **