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I have been following the podcasts and forums for the last couple of years under a different user. Wow has it changed how I work. Monday I start a new job as a manager of an application development team of 11 people. This is twice the size of the team I previously managed and it is in a completely different industry. I am moving from financial services to manufacturing. I am quite excited about this though. Following the advice here I want to go in and focus on the people and build relationships with them and gain some credibility. I seen too many new managers come in with a slew of changes and really tear a team apart. Thanks to Mark and Mike and the rest of the community for all the advice and ideas I have seen. Stumbling across the podcasts was a career altering moment.

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scm2423, put a task out about three months and let us know how your adventure is progressing.

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Thanks for unlurking...and it's always good to hear from folks who are in transition. Please let us know what works for you (and what doesn't)!


PS: or is it "delurking?"...

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Congratulations - sounds like a real big change.

Good luck, and thanks for de-lurking.


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Well my first week was absolutely exhausting, but exciting too. Two one-on-ones completed the rest are scheduled. Starting working on getting updates on the outstanding projects and putting together a reporting schedule (me to my boss). I feel prepared for this based on the jewels of knowledge here.