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How do you give feedback to your directs when you aren't with them (at the same location) throughout the week?

I work at a consulting company and the people that report to me are on projects that I am not leading.  I have weekly one on one's with my directs (via phone and in person when possible).  I know I can give some feedback here and there.  However, it is almost never immediate though since I am not onsite with them.  Delivering the feedback in person can be a challenge also.

I am curious to know what others have done in this sort of situation and what worked for you.



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"When you complete your deliverables on-time the client is likely to request you on further projects. Thanks!" (For a high I)

"When you pre-wire a meeting agenda before the project brief we save time and the client saves money. Keep it up!" (For a high C)

"When the client reports you're not on-site when you're supposed to be, it makes me wonder if you're in over your head. Will you be there in the future?" (For a high D)

"When the client reports to me that your slide deck was clear and concise, it tells me you really make this team effective. Thanks, Jim!" (For a high S)

I would love to receive any of these in text or email form from my boss. If it's especially good feedback you might even write a letter to the client's office for your direct while they're on-site. That's probably best for a high S or I. I may be way off, though as I have no consulting experience, though I've always wanted to get into it. I hope I've helped a little!


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The first step in the feedback tool is to ASK PERMISSION to give the feedback, which you can't do in writing... so I recommend just giving the feedback over the phone when you're working at a separate location. Most of my team is remote, and I see them face-to-face only a few times a year - we do O3s and feedback over the phone all the time. Challenge yourself to include at least one "potato chip" of feedback in each O3, and it will get easier!

I love David's suggestions for the different DISC profiles - good examples of behavior-based wording. Good luck!


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Although I do agree with Stenya that the phone is probably your best bet (or video chat, even better) you can also use something like Google Hangout or other chat clients which allow for the back-and-forth to ask permission then give feedback. And if you've already done a solid job of establishing that feedback is emotionally-neutral, as the guidance suggests, you will avoid what I have seen as the main drawback of this method of communication (i.e. it's very difficult to read moods or subtext).  

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This was all very helpful.  I hadn't really given phone feedback any thought at all.  The thought of giving feedback via the phone just seemed "awkward" to me.  Feedback can be done in 15 or so seconds.  It just seemed odd (to me at least) to call and go through the phone pleasantries that you should go through and then say "may I give you some feedback".

I do O3 via phone all the time, but that seemed appropriate to me.  I guess I will just have to give it a shot and see what happens. 

Thanks again for the insight (written, phone, and Google Hangout feedback).