We have a private team facebook page where peer to peer communication is encouraged. What are your thoughts on posting feedback on here on good and bad behaviours. For example we are a hair salon and someone/could be more than one person (not sure who) left products with lids off in our basin room, this was in clear sight of guests at the salon and looked messy and could of caused guests to think less of our service.

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BLUF: No, don't

Congratulations, updates, reminders and well dones are all OK in this format but feedback, wherever possible, should be delivered in person and not in public.

As you don't know who did it, then you're not delivering feedback. An all hands is really a shotgun and rarely has much affect.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Tim appreciate your feedback and insight on this 

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Our thoughts are that we are still in very early stages of rollimg out the trinity and to train our directs and expect them to effectively provide this feedback will take a while. My thoughts are that the people who have behaved badly and ahcieved poor outcomes will read the feedback and know it is directed at them and this is better than doing nothing about it at all. We want to encourage the right behaviours and also encourage feedback to improve performance, could this be a way to do this. The facebook page is only public to team members and not the general public.

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In my experience if you address this to a group nothing changes until you follow-up with specific individuals as well.  I can say something in my group meeting and it does not land on anyone.  I need to reinforce it our one-on-ones as well.  In a group everyone assumes I am talking about what somebody else did.  So if its a big thing I raise it as the staff meeting, but refer back to it in our one-on-one with a specifics when ever I can.

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is that feedback is given one on one in private.A general comment or facebook post to the group is not effective.